2020 Picture a Day Project | March | Dickinson Center NY Family Photographer

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March just flew by! We experienced the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid 19) and the implementation of social distancing.  We stocked up on supplies and food and were lucky to get toilet paper and lisol wipes before the shelves went bare.  I celebrated my 60th birthday quietly and missed getting everybody together.  So strange to watch church online but grateful for the technology to do so.  Apprehensive and concerned for what lies ahead for April but praying for all those affected, for those on the front lines caring for the sick and those doing the jobs to keep our country functioning.  I watched the TV benefit concert and this line from Alicia Keys performance eerily lingers on my mind - ..."people on the front line knowing they don't get to run...." - WOW!!

03 March 366 Grid03 March 366 Grid


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