Your Photography Session Experience

20200912-KCP01996-Edit20200912-KCP01996-Edit Time passes way too quickly - if you're like me it often takes a picture to prompt a special memory.  Photography is a gift we give ourselves and our families to freeze those moments as treasured memories.  Your child may not be a perfect angel (are any?),  you may still have a few extra pounds you've been wanting to lose, you might be noticing some grey hair or a few wrinkles that weren't there before, but this is your authentic reality.  As the years fly by will these things matter to you?  Will they matter to your children and grandchildren?  I truly believe photography is one of those few investments that will pay dividends for years to come!!  So many things we purchase during our lifetimes become obsolete, wear out or just get replaced by something else.  The memories captured in precious photographs last a lifetime – they are timeless, priceless possessions that only grow more valuable and treasured with time!!  I will do my best to capture your memories beautifully!!  


Before our session:


In the weeks before our session I’ll work with you (either by phone or email) to discuss location and wardrobe options.  If you have ideas for a location, that’s great!  I really encourage clients to use a location that has special meaning to them.  If you don’t have a location in mind – don’t worry – I can make some suggestions.  I have information on my website about wardrobe (see what "What to Wear" section) and I welcome clients to share outfit ideas with me via text or email.  If we don’t know each other already, I’ll ask you to complete a brief questionnaire so I can get to know you and your family a little better in preparation for our session.  If there’s any “must have” shots that you want - please let me know - this is your photo session!


The day of our session :

Black and white studio portrait of young girl with hair blowing - Franklin County NY Photographer


Know that I’ll probably be just as nervous as you but those feelings will quickly disappear as we begin our fun and relaxed session.  I will tell you what I want you to do so you won't have to guess.  I'll be taking lots of pictures so there's no need to worry about your hair, what your face looks like, etc. - just relax and do what comes naturally.   Leave it to me to shoot the beautiful moments I notice that you might never realize are happening.  



After our session:


I’ll carefully go through your pictures and select only the best to include in your gallery and will hand edit each one.  Your on-line gallery will be ready in 1-2 weeks.  Once I email you the link to your gallery you will select your final images based on the package you chose during booking.  You'll be able to download your high resolution files from your gallery and easily share them with family and friends.   Because it's very important to me that clients enjoy their favorite photos in print each of my packages comes with a $25 print credit to apply toward one of my print packages.  If you want to order prints or enlargements  I'll help you through that process as well.  My best source of new business is word of mouth so I always appreciate recommendations to your family and friends if you love your photos!!