What to Wear


  •   First and foremost you should be comfortable. Your kids should feel comfortable enough to run, dance and play and be their     genuine selves.
  •   Choose 1-3 colors with similar tones that go nicely together. Be careful not to overly match.

  •   Don’t know where to start? It’s often a great idea for Mom to pick an outfit and build the families outfits around hers or build other outfits around the one person’s outfit with the most colors.

  •  When choosing your colors look at your home décor. If you are planning to frame photographs (which I hope you will) your clothes should go with the color scheme of your home. Or at least not clash with it.

  •   Limit patterns in your clothing choices. One person with a patterned shirt or dress is often enough. It can be too distracting otherwise.

  •   Accessories are great! Scarves, hats, jewelry and layers you can interchange throughout the shoot are ways to give images in your shoot slightly different looks.

  •   Please avoid characters or large logos on your children’s clothing – they can be very distracting and can take the focus away from your child’s adorable face.

  •  Check out  my Pinterest board of wardrobe ideas and inspiration.  b59dae46a398dcc5c3ccc8024f7d71ecb59dae46a398dcc5c3ccc8024f7d71ec