1st Birthday Cake Smash Session | Potsdam NY Child Photographer

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My youngest Grandson Ryker just turned 1 last month - I can't believe how fast this past year has flown!  This sweet little man has brought us all so much joy this past year and it's been such a blessing to be able to watch his big sister love him so dearly right from the first moment she saw him.  He's our sweet "Bubby" (the nickname big sister gave him before he was born) and I couldn't wait to do his First Birthday/Cake Smash session before we headed on our trip to Alaska.  He started the session wearing his adorable "Mr. ONEderful" t-shirt - I just love his big toothy smile.  He's currently obsessed with balls so when it came time for his cake smash we distracted him as we put the balloons behind him because we guessed he wouldn't pay any attention to them once he saw the cake - we were right!!  As soon as he saw the cake he was in heaven - he dove right in and thoroughly enjoyed it until Mom had to take it away for his own good LOL!!.  Happy 1st Birthday sweet boy - we love you to pieces!!

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