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I've been loving holiday pictures where it looks like someone is standing out in the cold peeking through a window to take a picture of someone all nestled warmly inside.   I purchased a window frame at Michaels and thought I would try taking pictures through it to get the look I was going for but that was a fail LOL....  Then by chance I came across a window overlay on Etsy and thought I would give it a try.  Overlays are amazing - they are just what their name implies.  You place them over your picture in Photoshop and voila (after some fine tuning) your picture is transformed!!  Love how this overlay with it's icey edges can transform a picture and give it a beautiful, timeless winterly, holiday, cozy feel.  It doesn't work with just any picture because the face of your subject(s) have to line up with the window panes for the overlay to work.  Below are a couple examples of the fun I had using my new frosty window overlay.  


IMG_2030-EditIMG_2030-Edit (After)



IMG_1862-Edit-2IMG_1862-Edit-2 (After)

This one was a little tricky because I had to zoom in on the subjects just right so their heads would line up in the window panes.  














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