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Maternity Studio Session | Dickinson Center NY Family Photographer

April 01, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I was so happy and blessed to be able to photograph my beautiful daughter's maternity session in my studio this weekend.  When she was pregnant with my granddaughter we did her maternity session outside in the snow so it was fun to be able to try something different (and much warmer too!!).  We wanted to include her 3 year old daughter in some of the pictures so that's where we started.  The tiny bear in a couple of the pictures is a special little bear I purchased to be able to use in some of my grandson's future newborn pictures (I can't wait!!).  We started our session later in the evening after dinner and weren't surprised when my granddaughter lost interest pretty quickly.  While she was off playing with her Papa it was so fun to have the time to try different lenses, poses, outfits etc. It's so funny how even the slightest change in a angle or pose can result in finding that sweet spot that you just know when you see it - I found myself saying over and over "hold that pose" as I marveled at the beautiful and miraculous curves of the pregnant body. When my daughter slipped into the lace gown for the second half of the session I could just see her glow as she cradled her precious belly with her loving hands.  We ended our session with a couple of fun pictures where she just let loose.  I just love capturing this special, fleeting time for expectant mothers in such a beautiful way.

mother child maternity portrait potsdam NY family photographerIMG_9897-Edit-Edit-3 maternity session with toddler dickinson center ny child photographerIMG_9875 IMG_9870IMG_9870 pregnant woman maternity session massena ny family photographerIMG_9919-Edit maternity photography session potsdam ny maternity photographerIMG_9953-Edit pregnant woman lace gown potsdam ny family photographerIMG_9992-Edit baby bump maternity portrait dickinson center ny maternity photographerIMG_9974-Edit beautiful maternity portrait in lace gown potsdam ny family photographerIMG_9967-Edit-3 maternity portrait session malone ny maternity photographerIMG_9984-Edit-2 baby bump profile portrait massena ny family photographerIMG_9985-Edit pregnant woman baby bump portrait potsdam ny maternity photographerIMG_9997-Edit jumping for joy maternity portrait dickinson center ny family photographerIMG_0010-Edit

toddler smiling in white chair potsdam ny child photographerIMG_9822-Edit toddler reaching for large white balloon malone ny child photographerIMG_9849-Edit

One Year Old Birthday Cake Smash Session | Potsdam NY Child Photographer

March 18, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Had so much fun in my studio yesterday with this sweet little guy and his parents during his first birthday and cake smash session!!  I knew the Mom wanted a monster theme for this session but what I didn't realize until yesterday - was that she had decided on this theme over a year ago when her sweet little man was born.  When I saw his first outfit and blew up the huge #1 blue balloon I knew immediately it would be great with my new white brick background my husband and l had installed the night before.  How fun the Mom brought a newborn picture to incorporate into the session as well.  Next came the time to decorate my all white set with the beautiful props made with love by Mom - they couldn't have been cuter and more colorful!  Did I mention how adorable the monster cake was??  Oh my - the detail on this cake was amazing and I couldn't wait to photograph this little guy digging in!! His outfit for the cake smash couldn't have been any cuter and he didn't waste anytime getting to it and totally enjoying his first ever taste of cake!!  I loved every part of this session and give Kelly such credit for all her thoughtful planning - from props to outfits, balloons and the cake which made this such a special, fun and enjoyable session.  Here's some of my favorites!! First birthday cake smash session Potsdam NY child photographerIMG_9032-Edit-2

Toddler boy first birthday dickinson center NY family photographerIMG_9028-Edit first birthday portraits toddler boy malone ny child photographerIMG_8998-Edit

Toddler boy cake smash session potsdam ny family photographerIMG_8994-Edit first birthday cake smash massena ny child photographerIMG_9049-Edit cake smash session potsdam ny child photographerIMG_9058-Edit boy first birthday cake smash malone ny family photographerIMG_9120-Edit monster cake smash potsdam ny child photographerIMG_9092-Edit monster cake for cake smash potsdam ny child photographerIMG_9128 IMG_9126IMG_9126 toddler boy cake smash massena ny child photographerIMG_9148 boy wearing the for cake smash dickinson center ny child photographerIMG_9154 adorable cake smash birthday session massena ny family photographerIMG_9174-Edit monster theme cake smash session potsdam ny family photographerIMG_9218-Edit first birthday cake smash malone ny child photographerIMG_9286 first birthday boy cake smash potsdam ny family photographerIMG_9294

Newborn Sibling Family Studio Session | Dickinson Center NY Family Photographer

January 10, 2018  •  2 Comments

Was so fun to photograph this beautiful young family in my studio this past weekend.  My children went to school with the Mom and Dad so it was fun to catch up a little, photograph them as parents and see how precious their older daughter was with her new baby sister.   We began the session with some family pictures on my little couch - I was so happy to get some wide eyed shots of the baby and then some adorable sleeping shots as well.  While Mom was feeding the baby I took some fun Daddy/Daughter pictures and then some adorable ones of big sister - those eyes!!  I just love portraits that capture the bond between a mother and her newborn baby so I took a beautiful series of those and then they were joined by adoring Dad and Big Sis.  After some pictures of the sweet sisters together I took some of the baby by herself and we ended the session with more family pictures on the white bed.  Throughout the session it was so obvious how smitten they all are with the new, precious addition to their family!  


newborn sibling family portrait dickinson ny family photographer1

family portrait newborn potsdam ny child photographer4 family portrait potsdam ny family photographer7 newborn portrait with family massena ny child photographer5 mother daughter studio portrait malone ny child photographer9 daddy daughter kissing portrait potsdam ny child photographer15 toddler girl studio portrait dickinson ny child photographer13 toddler girl portrait potsdam ny studio photographer16 newborn family portrait massena ny child photographer17 1818 newborn mother portrait malone ny family photographer20 mother and daughters potsdam ny family photographer24

family portrait malone ny child photographer29

mother daughter studio portrait dickinson ny child photographer28 toddler newborn picture potsdam ny child photographer33 sister picture potsdam ny child photographer36 newborn photography malone ny child photographer37 mother newborn photography potsdam ny family photographer44 family portrait photography massena ny family photography50 mother father newborn portrait malone ny child photographer49

family photography potsdam ny family photographer47 family portrait newborn massena ny child photographer52

A Year in Review - 2017 Monthly Photo Grids

December 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

In January of 2017 I started a photo project with other fellow photographers at Clickinmoms.com where we sought out to create a photo grid each month with 9 of our favorite photos.  I just finished my 2017 project and wanted to share them all on my blog as a sort of Year in Review for 2017!!  I'm looking forward to continuing this project into 2018.

January 2017

January 2017 GridJanuary 2017 Grid

February 2017

February 2017 GridFebruary 2017 Grid March 2017

March 2017 GridMarch 2017 Grid April 2017

April 2017 GridApril 2017 Grid May 2017

May 2017 GridMay 2017 Grid June 2017

June 2017 GridJune 2017 Grid July 2017

July 2017 GridJuly 2017 Grid August 2017

August 2017 GridAugust 2017 Grid September 2017

September 2017 GridSeptember 2017 Grid October 2017

October 2017 GridOctober 2017 Grid November 2017

November 2017 GridNovember 2017 Grid December 2017

December 2017 Grid 2December 2017 Grid 2

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Before and After Series: Using an Overlay to Transform a Photo | North Country Child Photographer

November 26, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I've been loving holiday pictures where it looks like someone is standing out in the cold peeking through a window to take a picture of someone all nestled warmly inside.   I purchased a window frame at Michaels and thought I would try taking pictures through it to get the look I was going for but that was a fail LOL....  Then by chance I came across a window overlay on Etsy and thought I would give it a try.  Overlays are amazing - they are just what their name implies.  You place them over your picture in Photoshop and voila (after some fine tuning) your picture is transformed!!  Love how this overlay with it's icey edges can transform a picture and give it a beautiful, timeless winterly, holiday, cozy feel.  It doesn't work with just any picture because the face of your subject(s) have to line up with the window panes for the overlay to work.  Below are a couple examples of the fun I had using my new frosty window overlay.  


IMG_2030-EditIMG_2030-Edit (After)



IMG_1862-Edit-2IMG_1862-Edit-2 (After)

This one was a little tricky because I had to zoom in on the subjects just right so their heads would line up in the window panes.  













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